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Wirecast – Live Streaming Software with Next-Gen Features and Value for Money

Updated: Mar 6

When you are looking to go live online, you will also need live streaming software that is feature-rich and provides value for money. Version 14 has come up with several innovative features like a Chroma Key that help edge suppression and edge colouring, scale and size sources, sync and latency enhancements, etc. The product helps you to garner additional eyeballs with a live streaming session done professionally. All with the help of this unique and advanced live streaming software!Streaming live videos can help reach out to clients and also to the audience at large.

It need not be a marketing exercise, but you can also showcase your thought leadership through these sessions. More and more individuals and businesses are going Live on Facebook and other social media channels.

Design with Ease

Most live video streaming software can provide advanced features like output image control, resizing, green screen effect, etc.

The Wirecast software allows you to live stream wherever you are – be it from an on-stage show or your office. When you choose one for you, the software must cover advanced features that allow the live streaming to share your desires with the viewers.

Essential features of a Live Streaming Software

Let us discuss some of the essential features of live streaming software. A plug-and-play software is ideal for you – so all you have to do is be online with the video. The software must have a flexible UI and features that will make the broadcast look like what you wish. Excellent live encoding levels is also necessary from a security point of view.

Your product of choice must be easy to set up – even without going through videos online. It should be ideal to be used cutting across industries. The product must also have a robust library of media assets and stream to several destinations.

Have control over the live streaming

Wirecast Unique Features

One of the unique features of Wirecast is that it allows full control of all the assets in the live streaming as well as the videos. The tool comes with around 100 inbuilt titles and graphics. There is an integrated Stock Media Library that provides you access to more than 500,000 media assets. The user can manipulate the starting point of the video. You can also run the videos in multiple loops.

Unlimited Sources and Destinations

Wirecast is one of the few software that allows you to stream on several destinations simultaneously. For example, you can stream on YouTube Live, Facebook Live or Twitter at the same time. The feature-rich solution allows you to develop an archive of your content too. It will enable you to use an app on iOS. You can use a webcam, camera, microphone, and several other devices for streaming.

Setting up is easy

Isn't it wonderful to use software that doesn't require you to be a genius in the field! Wirecast is easy to set up, and the UI is more intuitive than most of its competition. It also has a 3D animated title tool that provides limited NDI support to pull animated titles from other computers. You can easily set up rendezvous conferencing and send an invitation to guests to join the live session.

Several unique features

Wirecast allows the user to switch among eight audio tracks while including video from external sources, including Skype. It also allows users to use the virtual output from cameras and microphones too. Users can also share the app screen when they are on Skype.

It has some of the best sports features too. Sports lovers can take advantage of professional features like clock and timers as well as scoreboards. Apart from viewing live-action, users can also view essential portions of the game through replays.

Value for money

Wirecast comes in two versions, viz. the Studio version (available at US$ 599) and the Pro version (available at US$ 799). The tool comes with unique features like Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom camera effects that provide an excellent dimension to the live video. An advanced audio mixer, five master mixing layers, and a supportive customer care team makes it the ideal value for money.

The moot point

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