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Updated: Mar 6

Most of us are bombarded with ads mentioning how you can get rich – only by uploading videos and nothing else. While there are a set of people, read influencers, who thrive on this activity. But there is more than what meets your eyes. Affiliate marketers must create a whole range of content – blogs and articles, infographics, podcasts, videos, etc. All the while ensuring that the content being created can appeal to their audience.. Check out how they do it with LeadX.

Why you need an affiliate marketing software?

Given that affiliates are paid a commission on the outcomes, it is necessary to have proper systems to ensure that you are doing the right set of activities to reach out to your audience. Only reaching out does not help! You must touch a proper cord with the audience. You need to continue tracking the conversions rates and any other KPI that you may have set for your published content.

Running affiliate campaigns is not easy like it seems. It is essential to use historical data and understand the content that is liked by your audience. It may be a challenging task, but these analytics can bring home the big bucks. Still, it would consume a lot of your time. If you are looking to increase your affiliate links' conversion, you must turn to LeadX by

Mike Koller.

How does LeadX stand apart?

LeadX is the brainchild of its maverick CEO – Mike Koller, known for his path-breaking solutions in digital marketing. He has always harped on the need to help affiliate marketers and influencers in their quest to boost conversions. It was due to his constant research that the idea of LeadX germinated.

You can work smart

Gone are the days when you had to pour through several websites to publish your links. The LeadX solutions provide you with a unique solution that allows you to piggy-back on more renowned websites. In short, you can have the affiliate links place in high domain authority websites within no time. As a result, you can hijack the rub-off effects of popular websites within a short time. Get more traffic today!

Generate huge commissions

Wondering how you can generate revenue with so less work! Yes, it how the LeadX software works to help you generate additional income. And that too, within a short period! Let us have a glimpse of how it works.

Firstly, you must find an article or link from a reputed website and place it on the software. Next, you insert your affiliate link that is on offer. Now, the software will display your ad on the trusted website to any visitor. Isn’t it an easier way to garner more eyeball share for your affiliate links? And guess what, your affiliate commissions is also bound to increase manifold!

Faster turnaround

Earlier, you had to continue publishing content on your social media channels and use multiple means to amplify your messages. With LeadX, all of that is history! All you have to do is list out the top websites where you wish to place your affiliate links. The software will automate the entire process of having to put these links on top-notch websites.

Create customized ads

Worried about having to create the ideal ads for your audience? This software has several templates that you can use to create your customized ads. And rest assured that these ads will have a positive effect on your audience. The conversion rates are bound to increase, and you can ensure placements at high domain-authority websites through the same tool.

Easy to use

Are you worried that your lack of design or coding skills could affect the affiliate payout? This software package is easy to use, and users need not have prior coding skills to use it. You also do not need to be a marketing prodigy to go through this software. Users also receive direct support from leaders in the affiliate industry. It is a cloud software, and there are no elaborate installation mechanisms too. There is a built-in web hosting feature also.

The Moot Point

If you are a newbie in the world of affiliates, the LeadX tool is ideal for you. Your commissions can zoom off within a matter of hours. This DFY tool is easy on your pocket, and you need not shell out a fortune. The software is priced at US$16.93 only. Unbelievable! No need to wait for sales, nor do you need any website. LeadX is among the few tools that allow affiliate marketers access to easy commissions. Make your affiliate cash register ring within no time.

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